“Oy with the poodles already”

If you are a fan of the Gilmore Girls there is no surprise that you are probably as excited as I am for the revival show. Without even knowing that they were in fact working on a reunion episode I just recently started rewatching all the episodes on Netflix and fell in love with the show all over again. Between the fast talking witty banter, the strange but relatable addiction to coffee, and the beautiful and loving relationship between Lorelai and Rory, what’s not to love?

It was almost like watching the show for the first time though. The last time I had sat and watched Gilmore Girls I was a teenager myself. Rory was the most relatable character for me. As much as I wanted Lorelai to end up with Luke it was because of how he cared about Rory. (And will admit I totally hated the character of April due to the fact she was going to take Luke’s attention away from being a father figure for Rory) We (every teenage girl obsessed with the show at the time) were obviously more focused on the 3 leading men in young Rory’s life.

In fact, just recently I came across an article on Time.com about the fact that everyone seems TOO focused on Rory’s love life. The article, written by Eliana Dockterman, explains that Amy Sherman-Palladino herself feels like maybe we get too lost in Rory’s choice between Dean, Jesse, and Logan. The teen girl who first fell in love with the show wants to quickly dismiss this. “But we never had any real closure at the end!” She screams. “I just need to know that Logan waited for her.” (Yes, both teenage me and adult me share the Team Logan spirit) But I will go on to say that the adult me really appreciates the part where she says “The fact that people love them and are excited about them is great. It’s just such a small part of who Rory is. I don’t see people debating “What newspaper is Rory’s working for?” “Did she win a Pulitzer yet?””

This is such an important line of thinking. Adult me looks at my daughter’s and would hope that they wouldn’t be defined by who they end up with. I want them to have their own voices, their own accomplishments to be proud of. I have heard many writers and producers talk about their projects as if they were their children. She has every right to question why a majority of us are so hung up over these relationships. And to that I say, It’s because Amy’s characters are so incredible and relatable and still relevant that we MUST know where they are and what they’ve been up to. We never did quite get the closure we needed between Rory and her suitors. But alas, that is life too. We don’t always get the closure we need. The important thing (as Amy points out in the same interview) is that we remember that these young men all helped shape who Rory is today. 10 years later and they all had a part in her becoming the beautiful young woman we will see.

Now as an adult, rewatching the show was just as amazing. But now it was because I was relating to Lorelai. I had my first child sort of young (not quite as young as Lorelai) but some of the struggles were the same. But being able to watch her and Rory’s relationship grow stronger and stronger was/is pretty incredible. Seeing the struggles mom’s go through at different points in their daughter’s life, the uncertainty of choices that must be made, the knowing when to hold their hand and when to let them fall (even if just a little), it was a totally different perspective. This just showed me further how well rounded of a show Gilmore Girls really is. And having the experience of both sides of the story (in both the teenage me watching all those years ago and the adult me rewatching it for the last few months) I wholeheartedly welcome the “revival”. Even if it’s only a 4 part show. (And I know we all wish it would be a full on reboot/continuation…much like Doctor Who is) 

So whether you are preparing by spending a week eating like a Gilmore or planning a Gilmore Girls Revival Viewing Party (like I’ll be doing party of 1) be sure to have your coffee pot brewing, pizza man on speed dial, and all the accessories your budget can handle. (Personally I’ve got two shirts, a drink cozy, and Gilmore Girls Bingo waiting for me) We are less than 3 weeks away from Gilmore Girls Day! And just in case you’ve been living in a cave, it airs November 25th on Netflix!

And a quick note before I sign off… Emily Gilmore is wearing JEANS!! Click here for an article talking about the costume designer’s take on how important Mrs. Gilmore’s jeans and t-shirt are.


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