I voted! How about you?

Thank you to the following activists for standing up for women’s rights (and so many more)

Susan B. Anthony
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Alice Paul
Lucy Stone
Ida B. Wells
Maud Wood Park
Mary McLeod Bethune
Rose Schneiderman
Molly Dewson
Margaret Sanger
Victoria Woodhull

I realize I could go on and on as there has been so many people, both male and female who have fought and are fighting for equal rights. But I chose this list because they were some of the first, and some of the most notable. I chose all women because we are quite possibly looking at a female becoming the President of the United States of America. In my lifetime I will have seen the first African-American President and the first female President. It blows my mind. I could not be more happy to show my daughter’s that in some cases, “If you dream it, you can do it.” (Thank you Walt Disney for that amazing quote)

There was an article in Time about why Hillary becoming president matters (Time.com) If you don’t have time to read the whole article let me just show you the most important quote…

“It changes what we can imagine. And that change is sorely needed.” Jacylyn Friedman

How profound. No really. This is such a profound statement. I myself have questioned what having a female in office would mean for our nation. “Would other countries take us as seriously than if we had a male?”but that was just a random thought based on well…nothing. admittedly, I know very little about foreign politics.

In the beginning of the election, before it came down to Trump vs. Hillary. I was really doing my research into each candidate. Probably more in this election than any before due to the fact that there seemed to be so much animosity towards Hillary running. In my research I came across an article entitled “9 Reasons Why America Should Never Have A Female President.”

At first glance I was appalled. “Who was this Michael McCutcheon and where does he get off making blanket statements about women?” Well…thank you Mr. McCutcheon for your article. He lists the 9 most common responses to why people believe we shouldn’t have a female president and then uses actual facts to squash them in their tracks.

I have heard (or rather seen posts on Facebook) people claiming that they are voting for Hillary because “We need a female president.” I don’t think that’s why you should vote for any nominee. As much as I appreciate the fact that people are so passionate about this movement in women’s rights or the equality of women. I truly hope that people are looking at the real issues and making their choice based on that. Whether you are “with her” or “want to make America great again” please please please take some great care in who you are voting for. What does your candidate stand for? What are the most important issues to you? Because the feminist movement is important but beyond that there are many more things that are important for our country. Here is a great article regarding the feminist movement and picking a female president.

Hopefully any of this made sense. I think I got a little off topic but that happens when you’ve stopped and started the same blog multiple times throughout the day. All in all, let me just thank you for voting today and may the best candidate win.



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