Reactions and aftermath in the wake of Election 2016

Disclaimer: First let me say there will be inappropriate language in here. So if swear words bother you, this is not the post for you. (Also let it be noted I’ve linked articles throughout this blog so look for the links) It’s not that it’ll be filled with filth. In fact it’s the ugliness that I’m trying to get away from. But unfortunately, to get through the darkness we will have to walk in it. So here we go…

America I’m so disappointed in you right now. And not even because of the election but because of the aftermath. Yesterday I saw so much ugliness which mirrored the tone of the election season perfectly. An incredible amount of mud slinging from supporters on both sides. But today….we outta be ashamed of ourselves.

The hate I’m seeing is childish, hurtful, inappropriate, and horrible. I am ashamed to call some of these people my friends, my family. The same people that just yesterday were encouraging people not to gloat and to be supportive of one and another are shoving “their win” and smear campaigns in others faces. Those who feel like they have faced a loss are becoming so vile and threatening and forgetting that no matter which side of this election you have sat on…it has been a long torturous road for us all.

Some of these same people have friends who are at home terrified what this means for them and their families. We have muslims who are terrified that they will not be able to leave their houses. We have LGBT who are worried that their rights will be taken away from them so shortly after gaining them. We have immigrants who are here to try and make a better life for themselves who also now fearful they will be targeted by hate crimes.

And yet, I see people so blindly proud.

And then their are the people that are saying that Trump supporters should all be shot. Or sent to a desert island. People who are making threats to all republicans and on Trump and his families lives. How is that helping anyone? How is rioting going to prove anything? Do you really wish harm to people who might actually be your friends and family or might have privately voted a different way than you? I’ve seen this kind of behavior on both sides. So quickly we are to dismiss each other. So quickly we are to incite hate. So incredibly ugly this has become.

Support Hillary, support Trump, heck support Mickey Mouse for president but do so with some class and dignity.

I have been pleasantly surprised at some of the status updates coming across my facebook though.

Katie points out (with the perfect amount of humor) that she’s not happy with the turnout and wouldn’t have been with either candidates but she is upset about the hate we are showing each other.

Sarah so perfectly points out the hate is dividing us which is the one thing so many people were afraid of. And now those people are creating that exact thing

And Sarah Dooly fights through darkness and fear and is surrounded by love and support because of her bravery and incredibly beautiful spirit. She took a moment to speak from her heart to all of us and is proof that there is still hope. We can do this, if we stick together.

These are just a few people I am proud to say I know. Some really don’t care who voted for who. Some do care because of what it means for them and their family. The greatest thing they have in common is they care about who is hurting who. United we stand, divided we fall right?  .

And of course many celebrities took to social media to share their reactions to the news…

And although this isn’t exactly a recent Mr. Rogers quote it really speaks to me today.

Yesterday I spoke about history and women’s rights. I spoke about how it would be cool to see both the first African-American president but also the first female become president. Well in light of needing some positivity here is an article about some women who made history in this election (via Jezebel) I feel that it’s important through all of this negativity that we show the strength of the human rights movement. We are still making great strides. There is still hope to make a difference in the world. Mrs. Clinton said something so unbelievably powerful in her concession speech…

I guess the biggest point in writing this blog is to remind people that we are all human. We all make mistakes. We all have opinions. We all have a right to make mistakes while forming opinions and to form opinions based off our mistakes. For us to truly achieve the equality that so many of us crave we need to start at that basic fact…we are all human.

Before I sign off, I just wanted to let you know, I am your ally. I am your friend. I am your sister. I am your family. I will never give up hope for peace in our world.


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