Happiness challenge day 1 – Wear your favorite shirt

Well here I am, as promised, starting my 31 day happiness challenge. Day 1 and I’m wearing my favorite t-shirt. One of my favorite shows is The Gilmore Girls and when I found out they were making a revival I hopped online and found a couple shirts in tribute. This one in particular is in reference to the Life and Death brigade. Their motto is ‘In Omnia Paratus’ which means ‘Ready for anything’. 


This motto feels more than fitting for my first day of a challenge in which I’m needing to take time to myself and also a time when I’m pushing myself to write as much as possible. But where’s the significance of wearing your favorite shirt and happiness. Well honestly it just feels good to slip into a comfy tee, and this one reminds me of an awesome show and so it makes me smile a little whenever I look down at it. Is that silly? Maybe. But does it matter if it’s silly or not? Absolutely not. 

So now the kids are in bed, I’m snuggled up writing this on my iPad and about to catch up some shows. I’m kind of wishing I had more to write about because truth be told, it feels really good to be writing again. I am feeling a little guilty because I haven’t been working on my novel but I know I need to give myself permission to take a break when needed and although that break has been much longer than I expected, I am certain that when the time is right I will get back to it. The inspiration hasn’t hit and that’s ok. If I want to do my best work I’ve got to be patient with myself. 

Ok now I’m starting to ramble so for now I will say goodnight. Time to catch up on Some Flash and Arrow!


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