Happiness Challenge Day 2 – sign up for a class

Thank you Groupon for allowing me to find an interesting class to take. 

As I’ve written about in the past, I really enjoy going out and finding interesting things to photograph. I think I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember.

When I was younger I would ask my Dad to buy me disposable cameras and take them to school. I would take pictures of my friends, the school, nature, pretty much everything I would have if smart phones had existed back then. (Yep just dated myself) but back then I would have to wait until the pictures got developed before knowing if I had anything cool or even print worthy.

Now it’s easy to get the “perfect” shot. Between being able to take as many pictures as I want and then being able to edit them into something even better, photography has become something even more exciting for me to try. A crooked picture I take in my car because I’m bored and waiting for time to pass before a meeting started turns into something beautiful and artsy fartsy. (Before and after below)

Besides the the fun of discovering new places and things through the lens of a camera. I also take tons of pictures of my kids (probably too many) It will be cool to learn more about how to capture memories differently by using different types of cameras and also learning more about exposure and other official sounding terms. 

And who knows…maybe I’ll featured on more websites 😏 if nothing else I’ll have scrapbooks and/or online albums full of great memories and beautiful things. Something to bring a smile to my face and possibly bring a smile to others as well. 


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Plus size model, international spy, and habitual liar.

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