Happiness Challenge Day 3 & 4

Ok so I should have posted last night because now I’m a day behind but I guess maybe it would make more sense to post the day after I do my challenge but whatever. Here I am not being perfect, so sue me.

Last night was my movie night challenge. I was supposed to watch a movie with popcorn and well…I didn’t. I made popcorn and sat down to watch a movie with my husband because normally we just watch one of our shows and go to bed. We browsed through all the new movies on iTunes and kept getting interrupted by kiddos not wanting to go to bed and then had to pick up our nephew from work. So I got frustrated and pouted.

Fast forward to tonight, our Finding Dory pre-order came in so I decided that we were going to have a movie night tonight. I popped popcorn again, “S” even helped me by turning on the popcorn maker. I turned on the movie and we actually sat down and watched the movie. It was super cute. I’m actually glad that we had a family movie night. As much as my husband and I need time to just the two of us, it’s nice sitting down as a family as well. We are sometimes so driven by schedules or also so exhausted by our schedules that by the time the evening comes we just kind of want to zone out. Dinner, bath, jammies, read a book, bedtime…etc. So tonight we had a super easy dinner (I made wild rice soup yesterday so we could just heat it up today) and had plenty of time to watch out movie. Yay! Go us!

Day 5 challenge is to start reading an autobiography by someone I admire. I have actually been on an autobiography kick lately. I have read through Tina Fey’s, Amy Poehler, Felicia Day, Amy Schumer, Mindy Kaling, and now I’ve decided on Steve Martin’s “Born Standing Up”.

I have always loved Steve Martin ever since I was a child and saw The Jerk for the first time. Still to this day I will break out in the “I’m Picking Out A Thermos” song and have a hard time not naming every dog sh*thead. (Just kidding on that last part) So far I have learned that his show was very much magic based to begin with. A mash-up of magic and comedy if you will. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I picked it up on audible since sometimes it’s just so much easier to listen to books while I’m taking the kids to school or cooking dinner or sometimes taking a little drive while I let them nap in the back seat (because hey, sometimes you do what you’ve got to do to get a little break to yourself) I’m pretty excited to listen to more tomorrow.

For now, I am off to get the kids in their jammies and into bed since it is vastly approaching past bedtime witching hours. Good night all, sweet dreams.


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