Happiness Challenge Day 6 – Watch a Funny Video

Ok…so I had kind of a bad day and didn’t want to write. In fact up until literally 10 minutes ago I was thinking to myself “oh it’s ok, I can skip today. I don’t have anything important to write anyway right?” Wrong. I made a promise to myself that I would try and write everyday. Even if it’s just a few short sentences to explain that I’m making excuses not to write. 

I will say that I spent about an hour this morning pitching story ideas to various blog sites and sent in a couple of my already published blogs to a few others. Why? Because why not? And now I’m sitting in bed having just tried to find a funny video to watch and realized that laughter sometimes is the best medicine. I watched the panda sneeze video…you know the one. That one gets me every time. I watched a couple Jimmy Fallon skits. I started watching a couple Bat Dad videos and then went back to Jimmy Fallon, because of this…

Timberlake and Fallon are pretty much friendship goals. 

I have now wasted almost an hour playing through all of Justin’s appearances on Fallon. And I must admit…I’m feeling better. And tired. So for now I’m off to bed. I will try my best to write more tomorrow. 
And…..now I’ve got Ironic stuck in my head. (Which is obviously better than “poop in a jar”) 😂


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Plus size model, international spy, and habitual liar.

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