Happiness Challenge Day 7 – Listening to a new radio station

Ok, so this one is kind of lame. I’ll admit it. I thought it would be cool to listen to a station from a different city just to see how trends might be different and guess what? Pop music is pop music. Country is country. Jazz is Jazz.

I started out listening to a couple stations in California (Los Angeles area) because they’ve always had a good variety of stations. I switched it up to some New York stations but then I remembered that when I lived in Austin (Texas) I always listened to KISS FM, which I discovered a lot of cities actually have a KISS FM. I ended up discovering a station I really liked called BOB FM. They play a good variety of tunes I really enjoy. I equate it to the twin cities 104.1 JACK FM. And maybe that’s what it’s supposed to be. It was easy to listen to. But nothing really special I guess.

The other station I really enjoyed was Austin’s Independent radio station 101X. It’s a local alternative station so I actually heard a few things that I don’t hear on a regular basis here in Minnesota. It’s easily becoming my new favorite station. It also made me miss Austin which I found interesting. I haven’t lived down there in over 20 years now….ugh…I have to let that sink in for a minute. First, I’m old enough to say I haven’t lived somewhere in 20 years. Second, I guess I can officially quit calling myself a Texan. I guess I’m a Minnesotan now. Or well…I have been for awhile. *tear*

Anyway, I guess the purpose behind listening to music is to show that music can bring on happiness. Or at least music can make us feel a certain way. There are memories attached to it. There are songs I will listen to when I’m in a sad mood specifically to make me cry (Snuff by Slipknot gets me almost every time) There are songs I listen to to remind me of my childhood (Pretty much anything by Journey) And of course there are songs I listen to when I am angry and needing to rage (Feelings by Offspring is a great one)

The one thing that has been a consistent in my life is my love of music. From classical to country to heavy metal to dubstep, I haven’t found a genre I didn’t like…well ok…that’s not entirely true. What’s that genre that’s just a bunch of industrial noise? Is it Glitch music? Is it even music? I mean…who am I to judge art right? No…I’m pretty sure I can judge it…it’s crap. Just sayin.

Maybe I’ll do a blog where I list my top 5 favorite songs for each of my feelings? Would that be weird? Yeah probably…doesn’t mean that’ll stop me. But for now can we play a little game? I’ve revealed a little bit about my inner self by listing a few of my emotional songs. Now I’d like you, my readers (if you’re out there) to leave a comment with a song that means a lot to you. Not just your favorite song, although that’s a good last resort I suppose. But what I’m looking for is something that you really connect with or one that you can feel in your soul. So let’s see them!!



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