Happiness Challenge Day 8 – Go Star Gazing

As much as I wanted to do this one tonight something much more meaningful happened. It all started because today I crossed the line into full blown soccer mom territory by purchasing our first mini van. A 2017 beautiful white fully loaded Toyota Sienna is sitting in my driveway. 

After dinner I had a couple errands to run, one in which “F” had to come with me. She wanted to come with anyway because she is digging the new ride. And of course, I will revel in the moments that she actually wants to hang out with me even if it’s just to enjoy the luxury of the Sienna. 

But here’s the thing…the hour we were running errands was filled with laughter singing, dancing, being goofy, and creating new inside jokes. I saw a glimpse of the goofy little girl that thought Mama was the coolest person ever. “S” and “A” were at home with daddy so it was just “F” and Mama time. Something I have missed because we don’t get it enough. When they hit this age it seems it’s all about their friends and independence. Which is a good thing, I get that. They are growing up and learning who they are and are going to be. They start to need you less, or at least want to need you less.

Tonight we needed each other. We both had really stressful weeks. I was dealing with the car accident and problems with the crazy threenager. “F” is having some difficulties with schoolwork. Tonight we put all that aside and just let our “inner childs” out. Between having fun in the car and doing some much needed snack shopping at Target we had a wonderful time. And I will say at one point we noticed that the stars were shining. Even though it’s a little too hard to see them where we live, too many lights. 

Now I’m wanting to take a drive out of the city to see the stars with “F” one night. Maybe that will be our next mom and daughter date. For now, we’re staying up late watching Girl Meets World and getting a few more laughs in before bed.


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One thought on “Happiness Challenge Day 8 – Go Star Gazing

  1. Stargazing is a favorite past time with my son and daughter. I noticed that they tended to open up more whenever we’d go stargaze. I
    ‘d definitely encourage you to do this with your daughter.
    My daughter and I still do it.
    My son is now 22 but he’s told me that he cherishes those times we spent together.

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