Happiness Challenge Day 9 -Write a Love Letter To Self

This one is super hard. I hate hate hate writing positives things about myself. I have always been horrible about writing cover letters because you are supposed to talk yourself up. Or the about me sections of things…all I can ever think to,write is “Hi…I’m awkward. Uh…and I like tacos…unicorns are neat too?” Ha no but really, I am horribly awkward. But I guess some people might find that enduring. My husband must think so…we’re going on 9 years together in January. 

So sitting down to write a love letter to myself kind of went like this…

Hey gorgeous you (weirdo),

What’s cookin good lookin? Awesome dinner you made tonight… (seriously?!)

You’re so weird. (Why am I even doing this?)

Ok for real now…


You are crazy, silly, smart, creative, awkward, loving, selfless, and an incredible mother. (Even if you smother your children with hugs and kisses too much they’ll appreciate it one day)

You are kind and sensitive and strong and whole and give with all your soul.

You see beauty in the world even when it’s sometimes not deserved because you always want to see the best in people and things.

You want to save every lost puppy, every forgotten kitty, and every lonely kid or person and get sad when you can’t. 

And that’s what makes your heart so beautiful. 

Sometimes you dream too big.

Sometimes your world is full of unicorns and rainbows (and tacos) but that is why those close to you love you so much.

Because you are unique. In the cliche words written lazily so many times in all your old yearbooks, “Stay you”



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Plus size model, international spy, and habitual liar.

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