Happiness Challenge Day 10 & 11

Oops, I did it again…No I’m not talking about Britney Spears. I’m talking about the fact that I didn’t write about my Happiness Challenge yesterday. Instead…I went out and did something special for myself. I actually had TACOS with some friends…sans children!! Yes I am a little too excited about that but quit judging. Mom’s need time away from their children. Just like children need a little time away from Mama too.

However, I was able to do my Happiness Challenge (Day 11) yesterday. I tried a new crock pot recipe I found. And although I didn’t eat it, my husband and nephew assure me it was delicious, giving it a 9.5/10. And since I did today’s challenge yesterday I woke up and found a picture that I’ve been meaning to frame and did so. It’s a cute picture of me and my grandparents from a couple of months ago when I saw them, after not seeing them in like 6 years!!

So for now I’m keeping this short. I know I should write something more profound about how trying a new recipe can relate to happiness but I’ll have to save that for my follow up blog at the end of the challenge because I seriously have WAY too much to do before Thursday. Luckily I did my grocery shopping online and it will be ready for me to pick it up tomorrow. But I still have 5 loads of kids clothes to do, at least 3 loads of my own, I need to clean the house (or at least the rooms that guests will see), pull out all the Thanksgiving decorations, pull out the extra table and make sure it’s clean, make place cards, and finish planning the menu in case I forgot anything while ordering groceries. I think next year the family and I are just going to keep it simple…

Is it too late to just order pizza??


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