Happiness Challenge Day 13 and Happy Thanksgiving (plus pictures of my amazing table)

First things first, Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating today. Or rather those of you that celebrated today. My day started off a little bumpy but ended up being a great holiday. I wasn’t going to write tonight because I am absolutely exhausted but something felt weird about not writing at all. I have done my best to write everyday so I might as well keep that momentum even when I don’t have anything to exciting to write about.

So here I am writing. And also almost falling asleep while doing so. Let me get the happiness challenge portion out of the way before I show you the Thanksgiving table I pulled together. Today’s challenge was to play games with loved ones. I wanted to maybe play Apples to Apples or Fluxx with the family but we were all too engaged in conversations which was great. But my husband and I were able to play a little Lego Jurassic Park tonight. We played one quick level to unwind a little. It was fun. I love the Lego games though.

Now for a Thanksgiving pictures..

Thanks to help from my dear friend Katie I was able to pull together a somewhat decent Thanksgiving/Fall layout. I totally forgot about napkins rings until maybe a couple hours before people started showing up so I grabbed some twine and leftover faux leaves and made due. I also discovered I was 2 napkins short but no one seemed to care. 

Another tradition I started a couple years ago but I think perfected this year is the Thanksgiving tree. I set out little slips of paper and asked guests to write what they are thankful for and tie them to the tree. I think I’m going to leave all the slips on until the tree gets super full and then maybe read them together on that Thanksgiving.

I’ve also been writing in my gratitude journal every day and I realize that doing this before bed every night not only relaxes me but also helps end my day on a high note. I also inspired “F” to start one of her own. I hope she sticks with it. I feel like at that age sometimes it’s hard to focus on the positives. Teenage angst is no joke. No amount of money would convince me to be a teen again.

Anyway if you have made it this far you are either super bored in to lull yourself to sleep with ramblings of an exhausted mama. I for one need to get to bed. Super fun early doctors appointment for the littles tomorrow!

Goodnight everyone and once again Happy Thanksgiving!


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