Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life – Part 1

Okay guys…I am sitting down to watch and will be blogging my way through. So here’s your chance to close this and pretend like you don’t know me. (Okay okay most of you don’t know me so you’re good there) also spoilers ahead!


Omg guys, I’m already in tears!

The gazebo!!! Wow they both look so good, and I love Lorelai’s coat.

Coffee and tacos? My kind of people!

Lane!!!!! Oh good, Zach and Lane are still together. Does that make them Zane? Better than Lach.

Cute. I want a Petal.

Pop tarts aren’t as good as I remember them being.

But the coffee is on point.

“I smell snow.” (Tear)

Ha Lena Dunham name drop

“Any outfit you wear without underwear is going to be your lucky outfit.” πŸ˜‚ (I’m dying)

No. Just no. Paul? Nope.


Those Christmas lights are Holiday goals!

Stress tap dancing?! Is that a thing?

“To absent friends” 😭 (That got me hard)

Wait what? Taylor and Luke getting along???? Ha just kidding!

Ugh Paul.

Michel!! I’ve missed you! Your sass is refreshing.

Where’s Sookie??

Oooooooooo who touched the coffeemaker?

Lorelai still has the Jeep. Well in a matter of speaking.

And now Kirk is singing. So funny.

Oh the Edward Herrmann portrait.

The girls’ reaction πŸ˜‚

Get the tape measure.

No. Not a funeral flash back.

Get back in there tears.


Kelly Bishop looks pretty incredible.

Oh Lorelai…how could you? Poor Emily.

More tears.

Oh Emily. This is awful.

Oh that’s why Kirk is at dinner!

“After you pass the peyote who’s bathroom will you throw up in?” Emily Gilmore, hilarious.

Luke and Lorelai want a baby?? Cute!

PARIS! I love the hair!

NPH name drop!!!!!!


When she says “darling Doctor over there” I squealed a little. πŸ€“

Omg Rory’s kissing Logan?! What about Paul? Omg. What is happening? TEAM LOGAN!!!

God he’s cute.

Omg Rory you saucy thing.

Taylor’s Luke sized rant was pretty amazing. Luke seemed to enjoy it too.


No more Doyle… πŸ˜•

It’s weird thinking Paris and Doyle have kids.

Does Brian still live with Lane and Zach? I mean, Zane.

No, just band practice.

Oh the twins are adorable!!


Oh this is the part that’s been so important…Emily is wearing jeans and a vintage Candies shirt. Amazing.

She’s decluttering her life. Just wants to feel joy again. *tear*

No Luke and Lorelai baby? Sad.
Well that’s it for Winter…now to make lunch for the family and dive into Spring!


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