Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life – Part 2

Okay so the “kids” are taking a nap (meaning my husband and “S”) while Annabelle and I hang out and watch the second episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. So if you are so unbelievably bored and have nothing better to do than to read through my “live-blogging” my every thought during Spring in Stars Hollow, here you go. But once again I must warn spoilers galore ahead.

And let me just start by saying my Winter treats were iced cold brew coffee with french vanilla almond milk creamer (and also a root beer because I’m thirsty like that) and probably stale strawberry poptarts which were not as good as I remembered them. I had a healthy lunch of scrambled eggs and leftover Thanksgiving ham and now I’m onto my second snack set which is Twizzlers and an orange La Croix water.


Petal sighting!

Taylor hasn’t aged much. Is Stars Hollow the location of the Fountain of Youth?

Mrs. Kim looks amazing too!!

Huffington Post name drop.

OMG WHAT? Mr. KIM?????

Where the heck is SOOKIE???

Oh poor Kirk’s mind is blown after learning that a BLT is BACON, Lettuce, and Tomato. Whatever will Petal think of him.

ALEX KINGSTON!!! And she made a hitler reference!!! (Oh my Whovian heart)

*gasp* TEAM LOGAN!

Ugh his dad though.

Town meeting!

“Why can’t they lend us their gays?” What?!

Oh goodness, how’d you forget about Gypsy?

Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain name drops

Don’t tell Taylor about the Secret Bar!!

Name drop name drop name drop. (Jennifer Lawrence being the most important)

How do you accidentally join a cult?

A vegetable cult.

Woah. Trippy Paul Anka dream…the real Paul Anka.


Michel is Lorelai’s Paris

At first glance the vase in the therapist’s office looked like R2D2 to me. (Nerd alert)

And now they’re laughing.

What’s this about a letter?

Apparently Winston Churchill is fat poof

Ugh, Logan is spooking.

Nope, just another girl he is dating.

Come on guys.

Ha here we go. Kirk’s short film. God I love his artistry.

“This pig is for reals.”


Emily inviting Luke over for dinner…alone…what? That’s interesting

Oh I just love all of Lorelai’s outfits!

Wait…Rachel Ray?!


Dinner with Mrs. Gilmore…what’s she want with Luke anyway?

I can’t believe Lorelai and Luke still aren’t married.

OMG Richard left money for Luke to expand Luke’s Diner! Classy guy that one.

I don’t care how comically big Richard’s portrait is. I like it.

Paris and Rory together again at Chilton. Cute.

Paris is always breaking balls. I love it.

Booty Buddies!! Emily is so funny sometimes.

Rory would be an amazing professor/teacher at Chilton I bet.

You know if she didn’t have her career as a writer.

Paris though…not so much.


LMAO! Paris totally just karate kicked that door close.

Yes Headmaster Charleston, that’s exactly what I was thinking.


Oh their children are adorable.

Apparently the stairs are awful.

Ugh Logan, why do you have another woman there? You know the only woman for you is Rory.

My heart pitter patters a bit every time he calls Rory Ace. *swoon*

Emily is quitting therapy? but why??

Here comes the tears again.

Are Luke and Lorelai ok??

Ugh Lorelai is lying to Luke now

The Lorelai’s in New York together!

Zombie McDonalds?


Does this make Rory and Mae TV half sisters of sorts?

No that’s stupid.

It’s more like alternate timeline stuff.

Yeah no, not that either.

God I need a nap.

Moving on…

It makes me giggle how Lorelai gets ALL the things!

“I slept with a Wookie!” DYING!!!!!!!

Whose first one night stand is with a Wookie?! XD

LOGAN’S ENGAGED????????????????????



Nuh uh.

Not accepting that.

“Word honey” I like that.

Wow that CEO is a real B…which is funny after her hive reference

Rory’s moving home now though YAY!


And Spring is over…these are going too fast. Half over so far…please Netflix…fully reboot Gilmore Girls!



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