Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life – Part 4

No no no no no no no. *stomps foot like my threenager does when I tell her it’s nap time* I’m not ready for it to end. If I just never watch this last episode it’ll never be over right? But then I’ll have so many unanswered questions. Paul’s gone now right? Spoilers spoilers spoilers. Michel is leaving. Lorelai wants to go on a walkabout. Jess showed up for like 5 minutes. Logan is engaged. We saw Mr. Kim. Emily is obviously depressed and has an entire family living with her. Sookie is gone. Ugh. Well here goes nothing.


Omg she’s really doing it.

That’s a lot of stuff Lorelai.

Oh well she’s calling Luke…that’s a good thing right?

I bet she didn’t expect it to be a trendy thing.

Omg it’s Mark! (Jason Ritter)

I am loving the Parenthood cameos!!

I think I would be ok with Luke and Lorelai splitting up if she ended up with Jason Ritter.

Where’s Paul?

Why do I care?

Teehee Roundbottom


Wait..what’s going on?

Message on a pig.

Now Jess.

It’s going to be Jess isn’t it?

Maybe it won’t be anyone. Maybe Rory will find herself.

Yay girl power!

Oh geez. Summer down…

Oh yeah, the vegetable cult.

It’s weird seeing Jess all grown up and responsible like.

Apparently I need to read, “Wild” and then see the movie.

What’s wrong with the word “oops”?

A little Franzia and a campfire 🔥 sweet

Ok you lost me at the Lean Cuisines

So is Rory tripping or dreaming?


In Omnia Paratus

Life & Death Brigade!!


Oh god, I’m so Team Logan.

This is too cute.

Still not entirely convinced she’s not tripping.

Definitely dreaming.

Loving the Beatles tribute though.

Was that a Jonas brother?

Wait? Not dreaming?

I love how Logan has always supported Rory’s dreams and done whatever he can to help her.

Ugh don’t marry Odette.

More keys 🔑

This is the weirdest episode.


Now it’s feeling a little like Wizard of Oz

*tears tears tears*


Is it too late to turn back?

I’m too far invested.


Goodbye Logan.

Peter Krause!!! Is this Netflix’s way of saying they’ll do a Parenthood reboot???

Ha classic “Adam”

Lmao, it’s a little weird seeing her hit on him.

Is she ever going to be able to get on the trail?

You could cut that silence with a knife.

Yeah I know that’s not the saying but who cares

She ditched her pack.

What’s she doing?

Propose to Luke damnit

“Everything in my life has something to do with coffee” 😂

Omg is he going to propose??

Yaaaaasssssss do it!!!!

She did it again!!! 🙌💍

They’re getting married!!!

Who are all these people living with Emily?

She actually looks happy.

 I love Berta. She’s been so good to Mrs. Gilmore

Oh that’s a great place to write Rory.

Oh sad. This is feeling very much like a finale.

The flash backs at the Gilmore’s is kind of heart breaking.

Ok tears. Big huge tears.


Gosh she’s cute.

I’m going to miss Michel’s attitude


Cute…”Oh sugarfoot”

Is Lorelai going to buy a new house? Is she expanding the Dragonfly??

Oh crying again. Mother daughter hug.

Chinese food, pop tarts, ice cream, and red vines.  Classic. Where’s the coffee?

Who is this Serena? She doesn’t seem like she’ll fit in with these ladies.

I’m just judgy.

Oh I love this new Emily. Love her.

I’m dying. This is so funny. Tell her Emily. Tell her the truth.

“Precolonial douche” 😂

“Don’t you say bullshit to me one more time” 😆

Woah. Did Emily really just get kicked out of the DAR?

“Deanna Durbins” 😄

Just the right amount of sad and funny in this episode so far.

Luke knows Kiefer Sutherland??

What are you doing Lorelai?

Why is she exercising with cola cans?

Christopher siting! 

He hasn’t aged either!

Buffy reference wooo!!

After 32 years she’s finally asking him the hard question. 

Christopher is right. Lorelai did an amazing job with Rory. Even if it’s sad he wasn’t there for her. She’s an amazing woman and I don’t think he’d want it any other way.

Omg Emily is selling the house!

Teehee Jerry Maguire reference.

Where’s she going to live?

Oh, Nantucket.

She IS expanding the Dragonfly!

I love this new Emily. 


3 kids now? 

Oh wait…another on the way!!

Aw first loves. *sigh*

I kind of feel like these sightings are forced.





So many wedding cakes 🎂 

Oh cute, the milestone cake.

😂😂😂 Michel!!! 😂😂😂 

Now I’m cry laughing

Oh Lordy I’m a hot mess

And now Sookie is sniffing Lorelai 

Omg I just realized that Berta is Gypsy! 

The Sand Castle is beautiful!

Is she hosting whale lectures??

Wait what? What are you talking about Kirk?


Rory gets to write her book!

Jess really bulked up.

He stills cares about her doesn’t he.

Cute! He does!


11 minutes left…

I’m not ready

“You can’t do a flash mob to Steely Dan”

Who elopes 10 hours before the wedding?

Cute. Alice in Wonderland reference.

Omg Kirk did an amazing job.

7 minutes…


Oh there goes Paul!

Omg omg omg omg omg omg

Wait….those are only 3 words….






Cliff hanger much????????????


I. Just. Can’t.


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