I did not dodge the bullet…


Never ever ever assume you got out cold free.

What I mean is…

When your entire family gets the horrible cold strain that has been going around and you seemingly dodge that bullet…


At least you can never ASSUME you dodged the bullet

Because right when you are moments away from doing your immunity victory dance…

BAM…sore throat

BAM…raging headache


Even more fatigue than normal

And just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any worse…

Everyone gets sick again

Your toddler has diarrhea on top of the constant dripping nose and mild cough

Your baby is coughing so much it’s almost easier to just keep her in bed with you so you can monitor her breathing and just forgo your own sleep

Your husband isn’t sick anymore but still has that lingering cough 3 weeks after his initial cough

Think that’s enough?

Nope, your teenager is kept awake most the night with a nagging dry cough that you are sure is bronchitis.

So here I am…unable to take any fun strong cold meds thanks to the fact I’m still nursing but instead I’m being whiny, nursing 3 kiddos back to health, and finding time to watch some sappy rom coms while I attempt to still get mommy time while suffering in silence.

I did not dodge the bullet… (and I’m going to go ahead and blame all the germs at daycare…because I can)


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Plus size model, international spy, and habitual liar.

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