Rhyming is hard. Don’t judge me Dr. Seuss

Oh Dr. Seuss let me first apologize for the following short piece.

It was went to win a contest and maybe honor you at least.

It’s not great

It’s maybe not good

But you’ve inspired me

As all of your writing should 

(Okay yeah that was embarrassing too. So since I’ve already made a fool out of myself here’s the “short story” I wrote for a contest to win Dr. Seuss books for my kids)

The littlest of who’s

Just barely over two

Just didn’t know what to do
It’s Christmas they’d say

Let’s hear a hooray

But who cares said little Susie May
She would try and try

Yet they ignored her but why 

So Susie May would sit and cry
Maybe I’m too small

They just can’t see me at all

So she decided she would grow up real tall
The next day at school 

Susie May would be cool

So she stood real tall on top of a stool
I’m here, I’m here

She yelled loud and clear

Then she sat down and waited for a sneer
Well hi Susie May

All the kids did say

Where have you been hiding every other day?
She’s normally so quiet you see

When really she should be all she can be

And now she could celebrate with glee
Susie May would no longer hide

She had good friends by her side

And could look into the mirror with pride
So speak up

Stand tall

Be yourself above all
Because you are you 

You’re wonderful and true

Being yourself is magical 

And so very amazing too


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