No Words

I have no words for how I am feeling today. I mean…obviously I have some words otherwise I could not be writing this blog. But I don’t know if there are enough words or deep enough words to really explain what I am feeling. Or I suppose it’s possible I just do not know the words I am looking for.

Looking at this year in particular (and putting aside that I at least had one very incredible happy moment happen in 2016 followed closely by a traumatic “I could have died” experience) I seemed to have lost a lot of hope for humanity. Between things that are somewhat in our control (as humans) to things only in the control of “the powers that be” this year has…for lack of better words…sucked.

Between the election (and the horrid aftermath of the election, the what seems to be dramatic increase in gun violence, Harambe (yes I’m including this), the death of so many beloved musicians and celebrities (which obviously pale in comparison to the rest of the awful deaths happening in our world), Zika Outbreak, Bombings in Turkey, All the heartbreaking bloodshed in Aleppo, Terrorist Attacks, Bastille Day attack in Nice, Hurricane Matthew, Chanhassen High School Principle arrested for child porn (hits close to home for those in my area), and countless other horrible horrible things happening…

There are no words for the deep mourning I am feeling today for our world.

The helplessness I feel.

The desire to get out and personally bring light and love and hope and help to all those affected by these tragedies. But knowing that I cannot risk my life because my own family depends on me.

And yes donating to certain charities helps. But alas, there is only so much money to go around. And how do you pick which cause “deserves” the money more?

My heart hurts today.

We need to be better.

As a world, as humans, can’t we just be better?



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4 thoughts on “No Words

  1. I think a lot of bad things happened in 2016, but a lot of good things happened too. Don’t let the media (social and normal) make you feel sad. The media has put things in the spotlight and blown them up so they are in front of you at all times. The same stuff was going on when we were growing up, we just didn’t” get it thrown in our face every few minutes like we do today. Think of everything good that has happened to you in 2016 and celebrate. You control your own mood and happiness! So make today, the rest of the year and all of next year great!

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