The Women’s March and Still I Rise

I have seen so many amazing things being posted about the Women’s March. From inspiring speeches by notable celebrities (will post these below) to incredible support from politicians and law enforcement. I was terribly disappointed I was not able to attend my local one in Saint Paul. Just happened to be on the same day as my girls’ birthday party. As amazing as it would be to have been a part of this history, my baby girl only turns 1 once. And I don’t see this being the last protest or gathering of the people for the people we will see in the next 4 years.

As all the positive news reports come flooding in, we also see the other side doing everything they can to skew the positive message the protesters are spreading. We have an Indiana lawmaker being hateful, vile even by saying things like “In one day, Trump got more fat women out walking, than Michelle Obama did in 8 years.” And yet, of course, he denies that this is his viewpoint at all. But of course he would, who in politics would want to ever look bad right? We see things like Mr. Trump tweeting his ignorance about the march. and then of course back peddling almost immediately after.

And we see some backlash from some of the choices of wordage on signs or how some chose to freely express themselves. From women dressing up like vagina’s to quite a few distasteful signs (and some downright funny but off point ones), I would agree that some “missed the mark”. These people became easy targets for those opposed to the march to say that everyone marching are a bunch of “liberal cry baby snowflakes” or that it’s “reinforcing every negative female stereotype” (I wish I could find the articles that I’m paraphrasing again, they were actually quite funny and then infuriating to read)

But overall what I’m seeing from various sites and news sources is an overall positive message. I’m also seeing posts from friends that are quite surprising. Friends that have always been quite open about being pro women’s rights, pro equal rights in general posting things with the hashtag “not my march” and it seems these posts are purely based on the negative spin that some media is placing on the march. Or the few bad seeds that were spewing hate instead of peace. I understand why someone wouldn’t want that message speaking for them. But for every one “bad seed” there was 1000’s of PEOPLE (not just women) speaking up for equal rights. Speaking up for women’s rights. Speaking up for minority rights. I feel like America Ferrera put it perfectly in her speech at the march

This was so beautifully written, so elegantly spoken. This is why I support the women’s march. And honestly, I wish it was the “People’s March” instead of just the Women’s March because there are so many that need a voice.

I almost decided to delete this blog. I had some negative feedback from close to home that made me feel like I shouldn’t speak up, I shouldn’t speak out. But then when talking about it with a friend she asked “why?” and I simply couldn’t think of a good enough reason why anyone should keep me from speaking my mind.

With that being said I want to say to all of you fighting against in injustice…

Keep fighting. Keep resisting. Keep persisting.

If we never quit, we will never fail.


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