Want to hear the world’s most annoying noise?

I was listening to my favorite morning show the other morning, Dave Ryan in the Morning on KDWB. They have a segment called, “Group Therapy”. A listener will write in (I believe they write in) and explain an issue they are having. Anything from loud neighbors to annoying coworkers. This one in particular was very humorous to me because we have ALL experienced annoying coworkers. I once had a coworker that every day would release the absolute vile broccoli farts that seemed to just linger hot stank in our shared workspace. It got so bad that I actually went and talked to the office manager about it. I had to switch desks. It was so bad I was actually getting nauseous and distracted from my work. I seriously waited so long before saying anything because it’s one of those things you know they can’t help. Luckily our boss was super understanding and said she knew exactly who I was talking about because there had been complaints before. (Which of course made me feel horrible) But as it turned out, there was a cubicle next to the files I needed to be using anyway. I was a temp doing data entry so sitting directly to the data I needed to enter was the perfect cover for my cubicle move.

Anyway, the listener wrote into Dave Ryan about one of her coworkers being a loud typer. She compared it to sounding like her fingers were 10 hammers hammering away angrily at the keys. I myself have also heard people who were less than gentle with their keyboards and on bad days it was almost as intolerable as being able to hear someone chewing at their desk. Okay, I don’t think anything is quite as obnoxious as a loud chewer. I suppose I don’t know many people who have complained about loud typers though. Like I mentioned, on bad days, pretty much any excessive noise would annoy me.

http://kdwb.iheart.com/media/play/26388195/  (<—-Listen to the group therapy here)

Then last night while I was working on my blog I started to notice the sound of me typing. And honestly, I love it. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer. Because even the sound of a pen or pencil scraping across a piece of paper is somewhat of a soothing sound. But maybe this is only when I do it. I’ve never really put much thought into it. But when I hear that consistent click of my keys I feel a certain level of satisfaction. It’s probably just because I’m writing. Writing brings me joy so it would make sense that the noises associated with it would too. But maybe I’m just weird. Ok…we KNOW I’m weird. If I wasn’t weird I wouldn’t be writing a blog about how much I like the sound of typing. I can’t be the only one though. What about the sound of a typewriter? The unique click of those metal keys and the ding?!

Ugh. After listening to it on youtube I would have to say maybe it’s just the sound of myself actually writing that I enjoy. The click clack could get quite annoying I suppose.

Now that I’m done rambling about utter nonsense…what’s a sound you really enjoy that other’s might find weird? Does anyone honestly like the sound of dolphins?


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One thought on “Want to hear the world’s most annoying noise?

  1. I like the sound of the Barred Owl, it sounds a bit like a monkey. lol First time we heard it, we thought it was the strangest sound. It scared our granddaughter…she ran back down stairs. My husband and I love to turn the lights out, go out on our balcony, and listen to them make a ruckus…:)

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